Quiet معنى

jw2019. adjective ( usually -er/-est ) Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French quiet, quiete, from Latin quietus, from past participle of quiescere to be quiet, from quies rest, quiet

    مسرد لغتي الخالدة ثاني متوسط الفصل الثاني 1438 هـ
  1. silent: Be quiet! restrained in speech, manner, etc
  2. • مشابه: hushed, low, muffled, mute, soft
  3. Very quiete place and very clean
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  5. quiet
  6. The bride was quite a sight, all in white fur and sequins
  7. A quiet
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  9. Can you be quiet, please? Could you keep the kids quiet while
  10. The 38,000 BTU model has a piezo igniter and heats up to 950 sq
  11. Quiet can be an adjective, noun, or a verb
  12. verb intransitive